Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tell Your Children What?

I almost fell off the sofa last evening when my television advised me to tell my children not to have sex before marriage. The sixties never happened?
I assume I was not the only one who found this offensive. What I tell my children is none of the goverment's damn business. IF I wanted advice, the pervs, cheats and liars who made this message possible would be my last choice.
Their inability to make a satisfactory adjustment to adult sexuality has been plastered all over the media for the last seven years. What was Jeff Gannon doing at the White House on all those late night visits? From chatting up underage pages to soliciting in the mens room, the penis police (or should that be vagina police?)should be in therapy, not handing out bad advice.
If this intrusive messaging is aimed at decreasing teen pregnancy and STDs, the goal post is in the other direction. Sex education and available birth control is much more effective. Does anyone believe that the hard drinking twins whose parents are in the White House are virgins or their husbands to be?
Instead of using scarce tax dollars to stick their long noses in our private business, the Bushies should be spending the money on making sure that all the kids they pretend to care about have decent health care.
Carol DW