Tuesday, January 8, 2008

No Change*

The results of the New Hampshire primary, if they
can be believed, are a blow to those hoping for a return to sanity and reason. Clinton, a consumate corporatists who hasn't seen a war or a war crime she doesn't like and shakes her fist at Iran everytime the Israeli lobby pulls her chain, is Bush in a skirt.
McCain is as mad as a hatter, just like the man whose job he wants. We may as well elect a baby as elect McCain. It would be more entertaining and a lot less dangerous.
Electing either of them to a muscular presidency, awash in power stolen from the legislature and you and I, is national suicide.
But hold on. I said IF the results can be believed. Clinton was trailing by 10 points in the polls before the primary. It is simply unheard of to overcome a handicap like that unless you are Chuck Hagel and own the machines that counted the vote. There is reason to question these returns according to Bev Harris of Black Box voting. Here's the scoop.
It has a familiar ring. The name Diebold rears its ugly head as the builder of the opitcal scanning machines used to tally the New Hampshire vote. They use same model that was hacked in a demonstration in Leon County Florida who no longer permit their use.
One man, a private contractor named John Silvestro is the chain of custody. He has access to every memory card in the state as well as the chips inside the machines. Silvestro claims the security issues that plagued Florida have been dealt with. He argues that they not as easy to hack as everyone believes. His fix is to hire not very smart programmers. I kid you not.
Blackbox purchased a Diebold scanner and took it to a repair shop. The technician found the weaknesses in the system within minutes.
For a Party that's been victimized by partisan election contractors the Democrats have been very slow to address gapinholes in the voting system.
Since being marginalized by rigged elections, the Democrats have become adept at imitating the rhetoric off the right. Are they now aping the right wing's talent for election fraud as well? Time will tell. The Democrats are no where near as good at fraud as the GOP. They always get caught.
Check back with http://blackboxvoting.org/ for the latest. http://www.bradblog.com/ also does a great job of covering election news. Don't expect the corporate media to give you the straight scoop. They profit from tainted elections and are only too happy to pimp for power. The last thing they want is anyone talking nasty about the politicians they've bought and paid for.

*Thanks to the caller on Mike Malloy's show this evening for the inspiration.

Carol DW