Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pigs and Motorcycles

It was a "piggie" thing to do to invade Iraq and steal their oil. It's far worse to call mass murder a "surge" and to discuss whether or not it's "working". It made the man on the motorcyle really mad. He knocked that pig down.
It should make Americans really mad that bush and cheney are trying to santize their crimes by changing the words. Mad enough to take action.
Paul Craig Roberts has some words for the Bush administration.
He calls them "the greatest combinaton of idiocy and evil in human history". They are planning "another illegal attack on a Muslim country without assessing the consequences.....Before they fall they will bring more sorrow to the world and more shame to America".
Carol DW

Monday, August 13, 2007

Inslee Responds

My post on Jay Inslee's whereabouts found its way to a popular
impeachment website, "After Downing Street".
The comments indicated that Inslee's constituents are none too happy with his performance.
Quick as wink I received an email from Patrick Hogan, Inslee's Special Assistant, complaining that I said Inslee wasn't having anymore town meetings. He must have been pretty excited because if he'd calmed down and read the article, he would have noticed that I said "he was home for a month and his office said there were no plans".
Well, now there are.
Mr. Hogan promised that sometime and somewhere in September, there will be a town meeting. He apologized for the 'miscommunication".
Hmmm. I don't think there was any miscommunication. Inslee wasn't planning any meetings and now he is. Responding to the concerns of your constituents is good thing. No need to hide it with a lot of beltway mumbo jumbo..
He didn't give a position on any of the issues I was unhappy about. That would have been nice.
It reminds me of the guy who was accused of murdering a man and a dog. He claims he's innocent and to prove it he produces the dog.
Come on, Jay.
Dump the Gonzales distraction and sign on to HRes 333. Dumping Dirty Dick will save a lot of lives. Impeaching Gonzales won't change a thing. The terrible twosome in the White House will just nominate someone worse.
Since you brought up the subject of impeachment, why not draw up articles of impeachment against the criminal and chief? Letting him get away with murder is a bad example for the children.
Carol DW

Friday, August 10, 2007

Global Climate Instability

The term "global warming" doesn't quite describe what is happening to the weather locally. While some places are experiencing unprecidented heat, in other places folks are shivering.
In Paraguay, the weather has been hovering around freezing for nearly a month. Most people in Paraguay do not have central heating. While Paraguayans may experience the occasional chilly day in winter when the wind is from the south, this is unprecedented. Their flora is much like the Amazonian basin. It isn't able to tolerate long periods of cold.
In the Seattle area, our winter temperatures are milder but winter weather extends far into spring. We have had only a handful of warm days this summer. Late July and August have been unusually chilly. I had to turn on the heat yesterday.
Native Washingtonians are inured to gray chilly days. About half of us are from somewhere else and we find it hard to bear. We don't think plunging into a chilly water or camping in a downpour is really recreation.
Everywhere, storms are becoming more freqent and more violent. Expect this to get worse. All weather is caused by an exchange of heat.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Is Jay Inslee Hiding?

Rep. Inslee, Democratic representative for first legislative district in Washington State, used to pride himself on staying in touch with his constitutuents. His neighborhood "coffees" were always lively and well attended.
He's home for a month and his office says there are no plans for Inslee to rub shoulders with his constsituents.
Perhaps it's David Lindoff's exposure of his complicity in trying to undermine a powerful impeachment movement. Perhaps it's the delegation of loyal Democrats and PCO's that visited his office and told him they would NOT support him or the Democratic Party if impeachment isn't put firmly back on the table.
Perhaps he doesn't want to answer the questions his contituents must have about why he thinks Gonzales's law breaking is worse than Bush's or Cheney's. No one has died as result of Gonzales's machinations. The reasons he gives for taking action against Gonzales go double and triple for Cheney and his accolyte.
Perhaps he doesn't want to explain why he didn't really file Articles of Impeachment against Gonzales. He filed a request for an investigation, a shameless ploy to undermine serious impeachment efforts.
According to Roger Goodman, Inslee wants to be Governor of the State of Washington. I don't think sucking up to the isolated and misguided Democratic establishment is a recipee for success, do you?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I Think I Smell a Rat

The Democrats smell like losers. They have picked up the stench of the GOP with their cowardly kow-towing.
Check out Glen Greenwald's take on the latest Demcratic debacle; granting our criminal and chief even more power to abuse.
According to Robert Parry ( Bush's illegal, unconstitutional spying programs are not aimed at preventing terrorism, they are aimed at spying on innocent Americans and political opponents.
The Democrats are the most pathetic excuse for a political party on the planet.
OOOOooo the GOP are going to call us names unless we suspend the Constitution and fund their illegal, genocidal wars.