Monday, August 13, 2007

Inslee Responds

My post on Jay Inslee's whereabouts found its way to a popular
impeachment website, "After Downing Street".
The comments indicated that Inslee's constituents are none too happy with his performance.
Quick as wink I received an email from Patrick Hogan, Inslee's Special Assistant, complaining that I said Inslee wasn't having anymore town meetings. He must have been pretty excited because if he'd calmed down and read the article, he would have noticed that I said "he was home for a month and his office said there were no plans".
Well, now there are.
Mr. Hogan promised that sometime and somewhere in September, there will be a town meeting. He apologized for the 'miscommunication".
Hmmm. I don't think there was any miscommunication. Inslee wasn't planning any meetings and now he is. Responding to the concerns of your constituents is good thing. No need to hide it with a lot of beltway mumbo jumbo..
He didn't give a position on any of the issues I was unhappy about. That would have been nice.
It reminds me of the guy who was accused of murdering a man and a dog. He claims he's innocent and to prove it he produces the dog.
Come on, Jay.
Dump the Gonzales distraction and sign on to HRes 333. Dumping Dirty Dick will save a lot of lives. Impeaching Gonzales won't change a thing. The terrible twosome in the White House will just nominate someone worse.
Since you brought up the subject of impeachment, why not draw up articles of impeachment against the criminal and chief? Letting him get away with murder is a bad example for the children.
Carol DW

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