Thursday, August 9, 2007

Is Jay Inslee Hiding?

Rep. Inslee, Democratic representative for first legislative district in Washington State, used to pride himself on staying in touch with his constitutuents. His neighborhood "coffees" were always lively and well attended.
He's home for a month and his office says there are no plans for Inslee to rub shoulders with his constsituents.
Perhaps it's David Lindoff's exposure of his complicity in trying to undermine a powerful impeachment movement. Perhaps it's the delegation of loyal Democrats and PCO's that visited his office and told him they would NOT support him or the Democratic Party if impeachment isn't put firmly back on the table.
Perhaps he doesn't want to answer the questions his contituents must have about why he thinks Gonzales's law breaking is worse than Bush's or Cheney's. No one has died as result of Gonzales's machinations. The reasons he gives for taking action against Gonzales go double and triple for Cheney and his accolyte.
Perhaps he doesn't want to explain why he didn't really file Articles of Impeachment against Gonzales. He filed a request for an investigation, a shameless ploy to undermine serious impeachment efforts.
According to Roger Goodman, Inslee wants to be Governor of the State of Washington. I don't think sucking up to the isolated and misguided Democratic establishment is a recipee for success, do you?

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