Friday, April 17, 2009

The Twilight of Reason

Obama's decision not to prosecute members of the CIA who
engaged in torture and offering them legal services at taxpayers
expense against future investigations is breathtaking in its flawed reasoning and hubris.
The speed at which he violated his oath of office has no peer. Even Bush took more time to show his true colors.
Citing the fear of low moral at the CIA if prosecutions were brought forward Obama gutpunched Justicia, knocking the scales clean out of her hands.
How many of us would think morale would improve in our workplace if those of our co-workers who had engaged in acts of torture and violent death against helpless victims were not prosecuted and incarcerated? Would you even want to use the restroom?
A spokesman said that these "practices" were no longer acceptable (were they ever?) and therefore not a problem.
Now let's translate that onto the streets of America. Murderers, rapists serial killers rejoice.
If you are no longer engaging in any of these at the present time, you will not be prosecuted. That was then, this is now.
Obama's convulted reasoning appears to be a product of turf battle over the release of memos containing graphic descriptions of torture.
It never hurts to follow the money. A mercenary firm named Triple Canopy is long time, generous supporter of Obama's political career. Firms like Titan and Blackwater have been involved in "enhanced interrogations" from their inception at Bahgram. Prosecutions could put a dent in the bottom line.
Besides, these guys have guns, the weapon of preference for assassinating American presidents.
PS It's worse than we thought. It seems our new president simply wanted to have torture in his toolbox. The fact that he is all ready using it makes prosecution a bit awkward.
Triple Canopy will be taking over some of the Blackwater contracts that have expired, and yes they are implicated in abuse as well.