Sunday, May 20, 2007

A couple of questions

this blog is a personal effort to ask the right questions.

i don't like capital letters. why should one word be more important than another? language is clearly a cooperative, symbolic form.

why do thinking people follow the lead of the right wing spinmiesters?
why are they discussing winning a war that is clearly a crime against humanity.
how does one win a war like that? what could the mission possibly be?
how can "supporting the troops" get translated into turning them into war criminals?
how can leaving america defenseless possibly be interpreted as "protecting america?

why does a cold drizzle begin every time I pack away my sweaters and take the down quilt off my bed. nine months of cold and rain should be enough of a sacrifice to mollify the most demanding of storm Gods.
what do they want?


the Robot Vegetable said...

I'm curious: why is a capital letter more important than a small case letter?

CDW said...

That's an interesting question. Perhaps it's a matter of size.