Friday, June 1, 2007

Historical Evidence

This evening The History Channel gave it's credibility a knock out punch by airing some of the most fact challenged and deplorable war mongering since the run up to the Iraq debacle. The title? "Iran, the Next Iraq?"

I could only stomach a few minutes of the chest thumping, fear mongering. We all know the format. Iran bad. America good. Iran wants to eat America. We the dysfunctional paranoics in the White House and Pentagon will save you. Write the History Channel here to demand they pull the program. Tell them that those who don't learn the lessons of history should not be allowed to repeat them.

There is absolutely no one with a an ounce of wit that thinks Iran is a real danger to America.
Bush, on the other hand, has named Iran as part of the Axis of Evil, stationed an Armada off their coast, threatened and propagandized (the logical source of this despicable film is the White House)and has failed to respond to any of Iran's efforts to work out a peaceful resolution. If they are developing nuclear weapons, (there is no evidence that they are), who could blame them?

I'm worried about the Bush boy trying to get his limp dick up by killing a bunch more brown people in Iran while wasting what remains of our once perfectly good army. What I read is not encouraging. An attack on Iran could end up in a nuclear confrontation with China or Russia. According to Sy Hersh, what they plan is a repeat of Iraq which is 0-2. (Israel's failed invasion of Lebanon was modeled on Iraq right down to the lack of flack jackets for the troops.) Also according to Hersh, the war pimps are short a full deck and believe that their blood soaked mess in Iraq is a thumping success.

In case you have any doubt that even Bush wouldn't be as foolhardy as to bring us to the brink of mutual destruction, check out this account of Bush's recent behavior. He's mad as a hatter.


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